6 Ways To Relieve Stress

How to to reduce stress in any scenario. This blog will explain how the following are almost diametrically opposed to stress.


Stress is following thoughts. It asks “Why? Why? Why?” There’s always new information that can challenges the mind. Chaotic thoughts need validation or dismissal.

Meditation is watching thoughts. It asks no questions. Information comes and goes, but it’s disconnected to who you are, what your opinions are or how you feel about anything. No suspicions arise and no answers are required.


Stress is serious business. To state the obvious, laughing is not. In fact, for the consumer, comedy isn’t business at all. It’s just funny for the sake of being funny. Serious reflections can come from well-crafted comedy. However, it cannot be stressful while it remains funny in the minds of people who hear it.


Stress is analytical. You better make sense of it before you express your stress, lest you look like an utterly incompetent cretin. Stress craves structure.

Dance needs no analysis. Moves your body and improvise. Did you just move out of sync? No problem. Just bring yourself back to the beat, and improvise your way through. Water continues to flow, no matter where it crashes.


High stress levels are a state of low self control. You don’t know what you’ll find in your mind, or even what is true and what is not. Vicious circles are common.

Exercise is high self control. You know what you’re doing. You control all your movement. You venture forward with freedom.


A lot of what we stress about is external. Unless you’re famous and influential, there’s very little you can do to affect the behaviour of others.

Self-help is internal. You can be someone of very little power and make an amazing difference to yourself and everyone around you, and you’ll see the difference. Charity begins at home.

Posted by: Ryan Williams