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Ryan Williams - Head Coach

Welcome to Social Shortcuts!

Why did this start?

My name is Ryan, this is the story of why I started Social Shortcuts.

I used to spend my time focusing on martial arts, I would put almost every bit of effort I had into training. I achieved a black belt in Karate after 12 years training and competed at semi-professional level in mixed martial arts competitions.

Although I had a happy life and a relatively good social life something was missing, I began to see how really focusing on how to efficiently and effectively communicate with people would really benefit my life in ways other people did not see. This was never taught in schools and there were no courses. I became increasingly fixated on how learning these elusive social skills would make me able to have the best outcome from any social situation while making the world a better place. Much like thinking in detail and creating a structure for learning helped martial artists to fight more effectively over the centuries, it made complete sense.

I would be able to win over friends, acquaintances, romantic interests, have better conversations, be more witty, the list of benefits had almost no limit. Eventually after a few social and romantic disappointments I was convinced. I was going to put all my effort into getting good at this.

On my quest I began to meet people more, I made sure to seek out the most charismatic, charming and witty people possible. I would pose them questions and try to see what it was about what they did that made them socially savvy, I learnt and practiced more and more until I reached what I felt was a very high level of social proficiency.

I began coaching others, then I decided I would make a structure that was designed to get people up to speed in this area as quickly as possible with a healthy outlook, divided into appropriate modules, saving people most of the time and effort I put in to reach the same level, so that they would learn more quickly.

Sticking to my ethos of making every interaction a positive one I began to see how teaching this to many people would not only benefit the individuals learning it, but society as a whole. People would have more friends, relationships would run more smoothly and less people would get hurt, people would argue less as they communicate more effectively, society would be happier. This is in my opinion especially necessary in an era of people fixated by smart phones, technology and social media where people have less face to face communication. If you agree and want to make the world a better place with more face to face human interaction then join the movement and support Social Shortcuts!

So it began, I started coaching the Social Shortcuts.

“How do I get involved?” You may ask.

The best way to get involved and to benefit from our content is to try out a coaching session, the social skills coaching currently takes place in London or with Skype if you live further away. You are welcome to do a trial session for free, so that you can see if you like the coaching and so we can see how to help you best in case you decide to enrol on paid coaching sessions.

Stay tuned to our social media too and if you like what we do and want to support us you can by sharing our content, liking, commenting and subscribing, the more we grow the more content we can put out for you all and the more we can help the world to communicate.

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