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What do we do?

Social Shortcuts helps people with communication skills such as overcoming social anxiety, holding conversation and body language as well as more advanced areas like being more witty, fast thinking and persuasive.

This is to help people with social dynamics for areas such as making new friends, work politics, dating, maintaining relationships, reading people and dealing with bullying as well as any other area involving human communication.

We believe this is important for society as it is not taught in schools and people often fall behind in this area. Especially in a time where smart phones rule the world and people are more anxious and unsociable than ever. We have developed a way to coach people to become better and more confident at these important skills in the fastest and healthiest way possible. A way for people to develop quickly in this area not found in the education system and almost non-existent entirely in society.

The main thing we offer is 1 to 1 coaching that is tailored to the specific needs of you as an individual while running through the structured and modulated course we have developed over more than 8 years of coaching. We offer a free trial session initially as a way for us to get to know how to help our students as best as possible and also as a way for our potential students to decide whether or not they like the coaching with no risk to them.

Below are the benefits of our coaching. For more information check out the coaching page or contact us.

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Benefits Overview

Custom Tailored

Different options to tailor the coaching to your specific requirements for learning and to fit in with your budget, the quality of the content combined with the flexibility of the content and pricing means we are confident we can help anyone.

Defined program

Split into modules like a university course that are ordered and designed to help students learn as quickly and effectively as possible while maintaining a healthy perspective and attitude to social dynamics. The order of the sections is tailored to your specific requirements.


Help the world become a better place as our ethos is that every interaction should be positive, fun and sometimes hilarious so that everyone involved feels happier afterwards. In a world increasingly fixated on using technology to communicate we feel that enjoyable and effective face to face communication will be good for you and for society in general.


Sessions are usually weekly so you can progress better and in a more sustainable way over time, with homework given to add to your progress, weekly sessions also mean you don’t have to invest lots of money in one go, unlike a weekend boot camp or a week long course.

Free Trial Session

Have a free trial session in person before starting coaching so that you can get a feel for the coaching and decide if you think it will work for you. The trial will involve a taste of the coaching, getting to know you as a person and discovering the best way to help you in future sessions so that they are of as much benefit to you as possible. Go to the contact page and message for information on booking a trial session or book one on the home page above.


A good relationship with our students is one of the most important aspects of our coaching, we are working on social dynamics after all. No ego is involved in our coaching it is simply sharing information and ideas from one person to the other.

Book a Free Trial Session