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Social Shortcuts offers one to one social skills coaching in London with a unique process, split into different sections so that areas can be focused on until they become habit. The order of the sections is similar for everyone but there are sometimes adjustments to tailor to the individual. We find this method benefits the lives and social skills of our students in the fastest and healthiest way.

The recommended order to progress through the sections is initially identified on the trial session. Sessions usually follow in this pattern, but we constantly tailor the coaching and communicate with you to give you the most benefit possible.

The social skills coaching is a mix of theory and practical. In theory sessions, you will learn social dynamics in a one-to-one classroom type setting, using quick thinking exercises to sharpen newly learned skills in a controlled environment. In this way, we can develop fast, adaptable thinking under pressure, which is similar to improvisation, but specific to the area you’re working on.

In practical sessions, you will socialise with people in real time while the coach helps you and/or gives feedback. Make connections with new people for real. You’ll learn new skills, techniques and perspectives very thoroughly and then practice them in real life with a targeted challenge. For example, a humour challenge we use is to make people laugh a cumulative total of 200 times.

Different sections may require more theory than practical, or vice versa. Purely practical is an option and so is purely theory. We will recommend the best way through the sections to benefit you most, but you are welcome to choose the section and level of practical or theory for yourself if you feel it will suit you better.

We may recommended you go through a variety of coaches and sections throughout your learning process. While doing the social skills coaching sessions we also offer the service of texting your current coach to ask them any questions you may have outside of session time.

Social skills are a huge aspect of life that is often overlooked. Our sections encompass all of the biggest areas of social dynamics and will equip you with the information, skills and state of mind necessary to greatly enhance your social life in terms of making friends, work politics, dating, and any other area where communication plays a key part. The point of Social Shortcuts is to help people in these areas.

The coaches all have several years experience helping our students, with backgrounds in psychology and self-help. But mainly they were chosen by the head coach to work with Social Shortcuts because they are charismatic, social butterflies with the ability to understand people. They have a drive to help people, allowing them to benefit the social lives and social skills of our students in a fast, effective and healthy manner.

Head coach Ryan has over 10 years of full time experience in helping people with social skills. He invented the Social Shortcuts social skills coaching and process through years of research and experimentation. Our process for coaching and helping people learn fast and effectively is constantly being updated, added to and streamlined.

Social skills coaching is currently in person in London, or over the phone or video call for those living further afield. Sessions are usually weekly as opposed to a whole weekend or week of coaching all in one go. We find this benefits our students more for the following reasons:

  • You can build a relationship with your coach over a period of time as a friend, thus allowing them to know how to tailor the coaching to suit you personally. Information can be passed on to the next coach if you’re recommended to take sessions with someone else who is suited to coaching a new area for you to work on.
  • You can avoid spending a lot of money in one go. This is better for your finances and allows you to stop at any time. If you are unsure, but interested about the coaching after the trial session, you can experiment with a few hours to see what else is in store with little risk on your part. Then make a more informed decision about how to continue.
  • You will improve over time and thus be able to learn new habits, skills and perspectives more thoroughly than if you were to have the coaching all in one short period. Boot camps or week-long sessions of coaching usually see students revert back to previous bad habits in the future, after what turns out to be essentially a small motivational block of time. It takes a long time to change lifelong habits and your state of mind. This is what you will get from sustained weekly coaching, more so with the added aid of homework targeted to help you in specific areas, which you will be receiving and prompted to do outside of session time.

The sections that are covered by the Social Shortcuts social skills coaching are:

  • Overcoming nervousness in social situations (how to feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations).
  • Basic conversation (mostly how to never run out of things to say with some basics of building rapport with people and how to have positive conversations without causing hostility, we can coach the vast majority of people how to never run out of things to say pretty much ever again in around 10-15 hours).
  • How to begin interactions smoothly (how to naturally start conversations without being nervous).
  • Intermediate conversation (more advanced rapport building methods, building emotional connection and other things like how to politely exit an interaction or lead the conversation towards or away from a particular topic).
  • Body Language (how to read, use to communicate and how to control your own body language).
  • Humour (how to be more funny, although I think actually the main point of this section is how to think fast and creatively which is overall really important for social dynamics).
  • Flirting and dating (how and why to flirt and how to get what you want out of your dating life).
  • Building and maintaining a social circle (how to build a circle of friends and a lifestyle others want to be a part of)
  • Job interview technique (stay calm and succeed in your job interview)
  • Public speaking (how to communicate with an audience effectively and without being nervous).
  • How to win arguments and dealing with social aggression (how to deal with any difficult situation you may find yourself in, without losing).
  • Communication by texting (dos and don’ts as well as continuous advice from your coach).
  • Vocal tone and story telling (how to draw people to you).
  • Emotional wellbeing (how to deal with thoughts and emotions).
  • Relationships (help with communication problems and develop a healthy mindset).
  • Persuasion (how to get what you want in an ethical manner).

The trial session will be around 30 minutes. You will meet one of our coaches in central London or you can talk on video call or phone call if you are unable to meet there. In the trial session, we will try as hard as possible to help you during the allotted time and identify the best way to work with you in the future, should you decide to continue with sessions. No ego is involved. We are simply sharing information with you which over years has been constructed in a way to help you as fast as possible, in a healthy way.

The aims of the trial session are:

  • To get to know each other as friends (this is important if we are going to work on social skills).
  • For us to see how to start working with you if you decide to go ahead with paid sessions so they are as much benefit to you as possible.
  • For you to experience a taster of the coaching so that you can see if you want to continue.

If after the trial session, you decide you like the coaching and want to go ahead with paid coaching sessions and book a block of hours, these can be spread out however you want. For example, if you book 12 hours, you could do 6 hours a week over 2 weeks or do one hour per week for 6 weeks. We will recommend what we think will suit you best.

The prices are as follows:

Free Trial Session – £0 FREE

3h – £195 = £65.00ph
6h – £345 = £57.50ph
12h – £645 = £53.75ph
20h – £995 = £49.75ph
50h – £2245 = £44.90ph

If you want to do training exclusively with the head coach Ryan, inventor of the Social Shortcuts coaching process with over 10 years of full time experience in communication skills coaching the prices are as follows:

Trial Session – £40

3h – £295 = £98.33ph
6h – £495 = £82.50ph
12h – £895 = £74.58ph
20h – £1245 = £62.25ph
50h – £2995 = £59.90ph

Click here to book a free trial session. To buy hours or ask questions about the coaching or anything to do with Social Shortcuts, email us at info@socialshortcuts.com or message/call the head coach Ryan on +447761803227.

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