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My deepest thanks to Ryan, he gave me life-changing social skills that I haven’t found anywhere else, and believe me I read a lot and I go to lots of personal development events.

There are mentors out there that are arogant or you can’t understand what they’re saying, or they are just not giving anything valuable. Ryan is not one of them.
He knows how to present the information in an easy to understand language.

Highly recommended, life changing, an investment in one’s future.
I wish I had met him 20 years ago, my career and personal life would’ve strived on his ideas.


Social Shortcuts provides a well needed service to adults who struggle with effective communication and building relationships. I have attended two workshops so far with Gerthe and I have already learnt so much valuable content about body language and interviews. Ryan who is the CEO is amazing at his craft and he has helped me understand social cluster conversation in a 121 trial session. I have just booked a block of 20 one-two-one sessions with Grethe and I am really looking forward to become a stronger communicator. 

I am ever so grateful that somebody out there has created this unique company to help people like me who has always struggled with communication. They don’t teach you this at school! I hope this company succeeds massively ♡


Their workshops are a very fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon, each session tackles a different topic (how to debate effectively, how to not run out of things to talk about, how to overcome shyness, and so on). Workshops are a mix of both theory and practical learning, so you can see immediately improvements in your communication after taking applying the tips and shortcuts.

The personal coaching they offer I felt helped me land a job, after a series of failed job interviews. They were able to tailor my one-to-one sessions to suit my particular needs and requirements.The pricing was fair and reasonable.

I can recommend Social Shortcuts for anyone looking to improve their lives through more effective communication.


The workshops and coaching sessions are excellent, they are fun and extremely helpful.

They have helped with work, volunteering and fund raising.

Both the workshops and coaching sessions have been helpful in all social situations.

The coaches are patient, very friendly and consistent.

I would highly recommend the workshops and coaching sessions.


Social Shortcuts social skills coaching in London is really helpful & works wonders for me! The coaches have really helped me improve my confidence and social skills. They work on overcoming nervousness, conversation, quick thinking, dating & out of all of this I’ve made some really good friends for life.

Would highly recommend trying out a workshop or a free trial session with them.


I attended a social shortcuts workshop to work on some of my social skills in communicating, particularly because I am dating again after not doing so for a while and figured I could use some tips in communicating, generally. Also, I’m new to London and meeting new people all the time, so thought this would be a good way to work on all skills to meeting new people, generally. I attended one of the Social Shortcuts workshops and got some useful tips that I use regularly now and notice how I communicate with others may be leading to some awkward pauses and have learned ways to overcome that. I also did a social skills coaching session and found that useful for some more targeted focus on my particular issues with dating and, again, got some informative advice and tips. I highly suggest attending the Social Shortcuts workshops and social skills coaching in London.


At first, I’ve attended few Social Shortcuts workshops out of curiosity. The atmosphere was great and I learnt a great deal about many aspects of social dynamics I hadn’t been paying attention before. At the time of writing, I have few coaching sessions with Ryan behind my belt and I can tell you, his approach of picking the right mix of theory, exercises and pushing me slightly out of my comfort zone every time helped me a lot to improve my skills in areas I wanted. It really enabled me to get onto another level of social & business/professional communication skills. Thanks!


Quick, easy yet well thought through social strategies to help anyone looking to enhance their skills and feel more comfortable navigating new or tricky social settings. Sessions are tailored to you and delivered by a dedicated coach committed to making sure you’re getting the results you want.


I am glad that I came across social shortcuts . I had some problems in communication and wanted to learn communication skills and social cues to make new friends.
Initially , I had a free trial session with Ryan and was impressed with his professionalism . He was able to pick up my mistakes and explain clearly my mistakes . After the trial session , it had positive impact in my communication , so I decided to attend coaching from social shortcuts .
I met Gerthe , his collegue , with academic background in psychology and I am happy that I met her . She listened and understood my psychology and gave me some advice which really helped me from overcoming the communication gap I had in the past .
I thank social shortcuts !


I have never thought how difficult it can be to speak with strangers if you do not know the art of conversation. I knew I was bad at it but I thought that was it, that’s how I was and there was no other way around it. When I moved to a new city and found myself isolated, I started going out to meet strangers but I lacked of that art of conversation. I found Social Shortcuts on the Meetup app and joined their sessions.

It was interactive, motivating and the tasks were a little bit stressful but since it was a group work it was overall fun. To take it to the next challenging level Ryan the founder of Social Shortcuts suggested me to take a few one-to-one sessions with him. In those one-to-one sessions, I had to take part in some real life chanllenges such as speaking with strangers spontaneously for 10 minutes. It is harder than it sounds for people in my situation. I also had to come up with qucik humour and pun.

After a few sessions I have realised the art of conversation has a few tricks like every other arts. The more you practice the better you can grasp it.

I am an introvert and my brain shuts down when I am with new people. The best way to overcome it is to practice the art of converation in real life. Ryan and Social Shortcuts provide loads of useful tips such as quick thinking, voice it confidently, overcome shyness and so on. After taking a few one-to-one lessions and practicing it in real life situations I can say I have progressed. However, I have a few weaknesses that I need to work on.

I will strongly recommend you to take sessions with Ryan and join Social Shortcuts group sessions. They also have Whatsapp groups which helped me a lot. I would like to thank Ryan and Social Shortcuts again and I wish the best for them and all of their clients.


My sessions with Social Shortcuts were extremely helpful in my current corporate role.
Social skills coaching has definitely provided me with valuable practical tools that I can use on a daily basis. Whether it’s networking or socializing in general, I feel better equipped and have an improved understanding of the dynamics at play.


I took some social skills coaching sessions whilst I was living in London. Social Shortcuts take a process-driven approach to help build you social skills. Their methods and ways of explaining principals help to re-wire your understanding of how social interactions work, so that you can free yourself from unhelpful norms and have confidence whoever you’re talking to.


The best if you’re looking for some good social coaching around London. Great members and amazing community. Not even that expensive and has a lot of benefits.


As a previous customer of Social Shortcuts, i highly recommend their expertise in social skills coaching in and around London, which greatly improved my social circle.


Social shortcuts provide practical and useful training for developing social skills. In today’s society where we have lost social skills outside of social media and online Social Shortcuts empower you to build an exciting, connected and interesting social circle. So far I am very pleased with the training provided.

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