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Abdullah Gopaul

I’ve found the social skills coaching by Social Shortcuts to be very good and helpful. Also encouraged me to come out of my comfort zone and interacting with people in the London area.


FreeThe Tees

Social shortcuts based in London provide friendly and implementable social skills coaching. Their lead instructor was very easy to talk to and full of good advice. Would defo recommend!



I took some social skills coaching sessions whilst I was living in London. Social Shortcuts take a process-driven approach to help build you social skills. Their methods and ways of explaining principals help to re-wire your understanding of how social interactions work, so that you can free yourself from unhelpful norms and have confidence whoever you’re talking to.


George Bashir

Ryan is very easy to work with, genuinely cares for your improvement, and takes time to understand your individual needs before providing tailored steps to improve your social skills in various focus areas, with immediate results! He has had a dramatic effect on growing my social circle and making me become more popular.


Rita Mezher

The best if you’re looking for some good social coaching around London. Great members and amazing community. Not even that expensive and has a lot of benefits.  



Social Shortcuts provides a well needed service to adults who struggle with effective communication and building relationships. I have attended two workshops so far with Grethe and I have already learnt so much valuable content about body language and interviews. Ryan who is the CEO is amazing at his craft and he has helped me understand social cluster conversation in a 121 trial session. I have just booked a block of 20 one-two-one sessions with Grethe and I am really looking forward to become a stronger communicator.

I am ever so grateful that somebody out there has created this unique company to help people like me who has always struggled with communication. They don’t teach you this at school! I hope this company succeeds massively ♡


Adrian Cumpanasu

My deepest thanks to Ryan, he gave me life-changing social skills that I haven’t found anywhere else, and believe me I read a lot and I go to lots of personal development events.

There are mentors out there that are arogant or you can’t understand what they’re saying, or they are just not giving anything valuable. Ryan is not one of them.
He knows how to present the information in an easy to understand language.

Highly recommended, life changing, an investment in one’s future.
I wish I had met him 20 years ago, my career and personal life would’ve strived on his ideas.  


Mark Wells

These guys really helped me overcome my social anxiety by setting progressively more difficult challenges and supporting me to increase my tollerance. My coach knew his stuff and the sessions were a lot of fun.


Lee J Barclay

I find it very helpful in learning social basics, unlearning old habits and mindsets that hold me back. Overall it is great hands on experience and teaches me more than what I would learn reading about it while gaining confidence and new skills.


Faris Rai

I produced a documentary for Social Shortcuts and I can honestly say that they were a great company to do business with. I got to see their business from an inside perspective which allowed me to see the value in their services. It’s great to see people teaching valuable skills which the education system fails to do.  



I went to Ryan at social shortcuts because I really felt a lack in confidence in social situations, always feeling the odd one out.

Ryan gave me some really cool tips to never run out of topics to talk with people about & also walked me through the process they use of how to feel less nervous in social situations. I recommend both their one to one coaching as well as their workshops.  



 Ryan works really hard to develop you and gives great commitment and advice whatever your level or goals. He is also really good at making you do things you didn’t think you could do and pushing through your fears